The Swiss-Ped-IBrainD contributes to improving the medical care and quality of life of children with an inflammatory brain disease. Our work is exclusively financed by donations. We are therefore dependent on donations.

Donations under CHF 1000.- can be made with Payrexx.

For donations over CHF 1000.- we need a donation letter, please contact us for this.

Thank you very much for your support!

Thank You!

We thank the Schweizerische Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft for their research funding.

We thank the Fondation Johanna Dürmüller-Bol for their contribution to material costs.

We thank the Anna Mueller Grocholski Foundation for their financial support.

We thank PedNet Bern for the financial start-up support.

We thank the companies Roche Pharma (Switzerland) Ltd, Novartis Pharma Schweiz AG, Sanofi-Aventis (Switzerland) and Biogen for their financial support.